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Looking for a Western NC Photographer?

Food Photography - Photo of Coffee - Asheville PhotographerThere seems to be a multitude of NC photographers. Seems that every time that you turn around, there is someone who is talking about the photography business that they have just started after their friends have told them that their pictures were so good that they should open their own business. It makes sense, the western NC area lends itself to photography, what with having the Smokey Mountains only a short distance away and the lovely waterfalls in Pisgah and Natahala Forests. So with all this wonderful places to use as a backdrop, it is no wonder that there are many photographers in Asheville and in Hendersonville or we can just bring in the whole western North Carolina region into the mix. The Western NC photographer marketplace is a highly populated and varied mix of talent and knowledge, ranging from those just starting out and the people who have been around for years.

How to Choose the Best Western NC Photographers?

Portrait Photography - Asheville PhotographerSo with all this variety, how do you know which Western NC photographer is going to suit you the best? Do you go with whoever has the most likes on Facebook? Or should you scan Craigslist and Groupon for the cheapest? Or should you go by the online reviews? Or maybe ask friends and family who they used for their last professional photograph. With such a wide number of choices, it can be quite difficult. Being that I am co-host of The Photo Show, adjunct instructor at Blue Ridge Community College and one of those multitudes of Western NC photographers, I get asked that question more often than you would think. The first thing I would suggest is to look at the portfolio of the Western NC photographers you are considering. This is easy enough to do in this day and age; just go to their website. For example, I have the images here on FastCatStudio.com arrange by genre so that the viewer can get a good idea of what kind of work I do which is mainly portrait and product work for businesses with some pet, family and art photography tossed into the mix to keep things interesting. If they don’t have a website, that should bring up some alarm bells; it is easy to have a website to show one’s portfolio and someone who can’t be bothered to have one should make you wonder what else can they not be bothered with. Seeing the images will also show what style of photography your potential Western NC photographer is comfortable with. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, chances are likely that you would not be picking me because I don’t show wedding photography on my website; it is not a genre that I really do. However, if you were looking to have photography work done for your business, what I show on my site would tell you that you are looking in the right place. Same would go for pet photography; I take photographs for Pet Gazette and I show some of those images in my portfolio. I also have earned my Certified Professional Photographer accredication. This is a process by which I passed a one hundred question exam and a portfolio review demonstrating that my photographic work is at a certain standard. What this means is that you know that the images taken are going to be of a consistant standard.

How My Work is Different

How My Work is Different - Asheville Photography
How My Work is Different – Asheville Photography

What else should you look for in your Western NC photographer? How about references? Unfortunately, there has been a rash of people who are posing as professional photographers, just check out PhotoStealers for examples of this. However, someone like myself can and do provide references of people I have done work for and can describe my work and methods. One of those methods is that I do almost all of my session work at the client’s location. This means that there is less time taken out of the work day in order to get the desired photography taken. It also means that you can have an easier time making sure that everyone and everything is where they need to be. Makes things more convenient, doesn’t it?

Because most businesses are looking to use their custom photographic images used on their own websites and other marketing material, I and FastCat Studio deliver your images by either jump drive or CD/DVD. If you pay in full at the time of the photography session, a third option is offered; a Dropbox link that can be used to download all your images quickly. We also do offer prints, canvas wraps and other customized work including fine art photography that can complement your décor. Pricing is customized because everyone has different needs.

Call 828-388-7383 to Discuss Your Needs

Something to remember about the better Western NC photographers is that we tend to book up fairly quickly. If the photographic work you are looking to have done is extensive, chances are good you would need to plan out when you wanted to have it done. This is simple to do … call 828-388-7383 to discuss your needs and I will be able to let you know about how long it would take to create the images that you are looking for as well as when I can be there. Remember, one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to have custom images created by a Western NC photographer such as myself and FastCat Studio.

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Louise St.Romain / FastCat Studio Fine Art America site > http://louise-st-romain.artistwebsites.com.

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Louise St.Romain / FastCat Studio Fine Art America > http://louise-st-romain.artistwebsites.com.

Facebook >  https://www.facebook.com/FastCatStudio



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