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Food Photography

Category: Commercial


Ah, food photography! I love looking at beautifully created images of tasty morsels. I enjoy creating those images even more. One of the most difficult things to do photography-wise is to produce images of food that makes the viewer say “I want to eat that!”

When looking at Asheville food photography, you want to be able to see the passion that the chef has in creating that particular dish. When photographing food, I bring out the colors, textures that are on the plate. The chef spent countless hours perfecting that dish; it is my job to show that perfection for all to see because once you see that luscious food, you will want to go visit the person that created that food.

Do I have a preference of what kind of Asheville food photography I create? Not really, I enjoy photographing all kinds from basic fruit baskets to tasty seafood dishes.