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While I was surfing the ‘net…

I was reading a post by someone who mentioned that they had never been happy with pictures of themselves and that they always felt self-conscience in front of the camera, but they needed to have a headshot for promotional purposes. Several people mentioned that a cell phone picture was good enough and anything else was a waste of time and money. I would have to beg to differ (and not just because I am a professional photographer) A photographer who creates a lot of quality headshots should be able to help you relax in front of the camera. Many of my business portrait clients do not feel comfortable in front of the camera however they do realize the value of having a professional portrait created. Consider having a professional headshot taken, especially if you are using the image professionally on a website or LinkedIn. It can help you stand out from the crowd.

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the call ….

I just got off the phone with a very nice lady from the IRS. The purpose of my calling them was a letter that I received from them, letter 4883C if you were curious; They needed to verify that I was who I said I was. The reason why I had gotten the letter was that a company that I have done part time work for had their HR files hacked. The company in question had sent out a letter about this back in February and after asking a CPA friend about it, I quickly filed my tax forms. I thought not much about it since I had gotten a notice that my tax forms had been accepted by the IRS and the state of NC.

Until I got the letter on Saturday …

I read over it, saw that it said to call them at a certain phone number (which I double checked on and to have certain documents available when I called. So, I called… at 7am Monday morning. A time where I usually am still drinking my first cup of coffee. I got through to a real person within a few minutes, who was quite pleasant and she asked me several questions to verify I was who I said I was and that my return was actually my return. At the conclusion, she said that everything was good and that my tax forms would be processed. A good end to a phone call to the IRS.

I could tell that my husband was concerned while I was on this phone call even though he didn’t say anything since I found that the bed had been made and rooms have been straightened out … this usually doesn’t happen early Monday morning!

So, what does this have to do with photography you ask? Well, one of the things that I mentioned and most likely why the call went so smoothly is that I was prepared for it, I had all the information that I needed in order to answer questions and so it was relatively stress free for a call to the IRS. In photography, you want to be prepared for whatever may come up in the situation that you are photographing, be it making sure that you have backup equipment to having necessary permits if needed. If you make sure that you or the photographer you hire is prepared for what might happen, everything will go smoothly and stress free, and you will enjoy the experience!Wildlife - Asheville Photographers

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Why Should You Hire a Studio Photographer?

Why Should You Hire a Studio Photographer
Why Should You Hire a Studio Photographer

The Benefits of Using a Studio Photographer

Well, why should you? After all, a studio photography is expensive and with all the really good cameras being made, anyone can take great pictures. Heck, even a cell phone can take decent shots, so why bother hiring a professional studio photographer? What are you actually getting for spending all that money? Paper, ink, CDs and flash drives are not THAT expensive.

When you hire a professional studio photographer, you are getting MUCH more than pieces of paper and/or plastic, you are getting the years of experience that the studio photographer has, experience that enables that photographer to create images that are going to show how special your family is or how wonderful your product or business is. A quality professional studio photographer is going to have the equipment needed to create your images and know how to use that equipment. Now keep in mind that they may not have a storefront studio, however they will be able to transfer your space into a studio or have access to a studio space.

How Do You Tell?

How to Hire A Quality Professional Studio Photographer
How to Hire A Quality Professional Studio Photographer

Good question! A quality professional studio photographer will have a portfolio of images that you can puruse but better yet, they will have references that they have done work for that can attest to the quality of photography and how well the photographer worked for them. Unfortunately, it is very easy for someone to buy a camera, set up a Facebook page and call themselves a professional photographer. Asking for references can help weed out the people who may not be a good fit for the photography you are looking for. Another thing to consider is that someone who is doing studio photography professionally is going to have liability insurance (this is important is you are hiring for an event, many locations require that venders have insurance) just in case something goes wrong. Also if they are photographing an event, they will arrive with extra equipment just in case something goes wrong with their main set of gear. The last thing you want to see at your event is the photographer unboxing their camera. That shows that they are not familiar with their equipment and don’t even know if it is going to function correctly. A professional rarely purchases something new on their way to photograph a job; the last thing they want to do is introduce a variable that could not go the way they want it to.

Another way to tell if the person you are talking to is a quality professional studio photographer is if they have this logo: on their website and other marketing materials. What that means is that they have passed a written exam and a portfolio review proving that their work is to a high quality standard and that is it consistently to that standard. This does not mean that if someone doesn’t have this logo, you should pass them by, it is just a professional standard that some photographers have achieved including this writer. If the photographer that you are considering has their website featured on , run away, the person is not honest and is using someone else’s work to represent themselves.

You Can Have It Fast, Good Or Cheap …

Generally, these three do not combine when it comes to photography. Good does not go with cheap. Fast can go with good but there is going to be a premium price for the speed. Cheap and fast pretty much equals a mess. Granted, you are not going to hire a studio photographer for every single thing in your life but for those times that matter, be it a once in a lifetime event, a milestone family portrait, your business products, facility or professional portrait, do yourself a favor and hire the professional. You will be glad you did!

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