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Here’s Looking at Food Photography

Food photography entails hiring a professional who has the knowledge and equipment needed to make your food look its best.

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What’s Involved with Food Photography?

Ah, food photography! Who doesn’t like looking at images of plates of delectable morsels or baskets of luscious produce? For any company that has an edible food product, the images of that product is one of the most important selling tools. After all, fresh food does have a shelf life and you want to present it in the best light possible. So what does that entail?

Glad you asked that question! Especially in this day and age, it seems that everyone who has picked up a camera or a cell phone even, is saying that they do food photography. That’s all well and nice but is that really the case? Would you want to have an image that looks like this:

What Food Photography Should NOT Look Like

represent what your tasty bowl of soup looks like when the customer gets it in your restaurant? Personally, I hope the answer would be no; such an image would be fine for a customer posting on a social media site talking about how the soup is but does not really show the soup in the best possible light. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common to see similar looking pictures in Asheville Food Photography. Why? Well, it is VERY easy… not more equipment than a cell phone, no pesky setups and very cheap. However, is that how you want to get people to come to your place to eat? Does such pictures make your food stand out from all the other choices in the Asheville / Western NC area? The competition is very fierce!

So what do I do to have better Food Photography made?

Hire a professional photographer. And not just any professional photographer but one who does create food images as a normal part of their business. This will make a difference, trust me on this. The professional is going to have the knowledge and equipment needed to make your food look its best. The professional may recommend use of a food stylist as well, however most knowledgeable chefs will be able to present great looking food for the camera. This has been my experience. In the case of the client that I took this image for:

The Kind of Food Photography Clients Look For
The Kind of Food Photography Clients Look For

The chef plated the food for the camera. This particular client specified the black background so that the food would pop in the image.

Another thing to remember about looking for food photography is that it is not going to be cheap. If you bump into someone who tells you that they can take your food images for $50 – 100 an hour, it is unlikely they are going to produce images that are beyond the cell phone example shown first in this post. Do yourself the favor and have your images done correctly the first time, in the long run you will save money and time. And who doesn’t want to do that?

Learn what’s involved with food photography.