Discover Why Photographers Love Asheville NC

Discover Why Photographers Love Asheville NC
Discover Why Photographers Love Asheville NC

These photogenic mountains also contain photographic treasures within, such as deer, birds, and other wildlife, mountain laurel, wildflowers, flowing streams and crystal waterfalls tumbling over walls of rocks. In the autumn, the tree-covered hills are a blaze of color, and in the spring they burst with new, green growth.

Trendy city with Charm and Verve

Within this mountain setting is a small city with a population of under 100,000 people that swells with tourists who come to enjoy Asheville’s charms every summer and autumn. The city’s street scenes alone will keep photographers happy. The charming buildings on curving streets give the town something of a Norman Rockwell look. Asheville’s hipster culture and vibrant arts community that hosts art shows and year-round events adds even more visual appeal to the scene.

The streets are lined with trendy shops, galleries and businesses. Local restaurants appeal to culinary types. The farm-to-table trend is so entrenched that some of the restaurants have vegetable and herb gardens on the premises.

Then there are the Asheville characters that come out in force, especially after dark. You might see people you would expect to see in New Orleans for the Mardis Gras walking down the streets in Asheville headed to the city’s nightclubs. There’s an enthusiastic pole dancer who carries her own portable pole, setting it up on the sidewalk and entertaining passersby with her dancing.

Architectural Masterpiece

Read these tips to improve your craft.
Read these tips to improve your craft.

Just outside the city is an architectural masterpiece that photographers can’t get enough of – the Biltmore Estate. This luxurious French Renaissance mansion, built in the 19th century, was once the home of George and Edith Vanderbilt, and is now open to the public for tours.

The massive home has 65 fireplaces, a library with 10,000 books, an impressive banquet hall with a 70-foot ceiling, and indoor recreation areas with a swimming pool and a bowling alley.

Although photographs are not often allowed inside without making arrangements in advance, the exterior architecture and the lush gardens on the estate will give photographers plenty of visual subject matter.

Biltmore Estate Gardens

The gardens, designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, range from a rose garden with more than 200 species of roses, an Italian garden, a walled garden and a garden that is planned and planted every year to look like an oriental carpet. The statuary and sculptures in the gardens, skillfully worked into the design with the plants, will enthrall photographers as much as the gardens themselves.Even in winter when the flowers are

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